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Dear Parent,

The goal of this week’s lesson is to enjoy holiday preparations and festivities while finding teachable moments to let God join in your fun.  So, while "creating/baking" a pie, teach your child that God is the ultimate creator, and your child has been created in His sight.  God had specifc plans for your child...a recipe of sorts.  So, enjoy this time together, and, as you "piece" together your pie, reflect on how God pieced together your child and your family.  AMEN!

Materials Needed: Recipe for favorite holiday pie, a few minutes to think of your child's personality traits, pie ingredients, necessary recipe-specfic cooking utensils, pie pan, etc.

Bible Scripture: Deuteronomy 32:6

...Is He not your Father, your Creator, who made you and formed you?

Today’s Script:

When God made you, He made someone so special.

Did you know that He planned you?  He put you together piece by piece.  God basically had a recipe that He was following, when he made you.

What is recipe?

(Let your child answer.)

Yes, it's a list of instructions and ingredients you need to create a meal.

I have a recipe for a Thanksgiving pie right here.  Can we make it together while we think about how God made you and me?

(Let your child answer.)

Great.  What's the first thing we need for our pie?

(Look at the recipe together and begin measuring out the first ingredient.)


What do you think was the first thing God planned about you?


(Examples: God wanted you to have a big, warm heart; God created you to have a bright, welcoming smile; He wanted your personality to be <insert a personality trait that your child exhibits>; etc.)

(Continue with the lesson.  Create the pie together.  As you obtain, measure and mix ingredients, reflect on how your child was created with "a little bit of this" and "a little bit of that".  Today's lesson is very individualized, since all children have their own personality traits, characteristics, and tendencies.  Have fun discussing your favorite facets of your child while you make your holiday pie "creation".) 

God is the master Creator.  And, He made you just right.

Just as we added each ingredient to our masterpiece pie, and God created you to be His masterpiece.   

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