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Play on Word for "little lambs"

The "little lambs" of our church, vacation bible school students, and my own children inspired me to create something that they could grasp mentally, physically, and spiritually. They were ready for so much more than color pages and read-aloud bible stories. So, using the bible, toys and objects from around my house, I created lessons the kids could touch, hear, see, and then believe.

Play on Word was an absolute blessing to write.

I was called to write it when I was a stay at home mom. Now, I write lessons as a working & single mom. Everyone's family is unique,

yet all families can grow in faith together. 


I hope you let Play on Word help your family

by opening little eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to the tangible love and lessons of Jesus. 

Play on Word can bless caregivers too as they prepare their hearts for lessons and watch their children

light up with understanding...

allowing the whole family to grow together in Christ.

-Devin Lonergan Holt

Play on Word...

    with care

Some of the materials included in the lessons are household items and are not considered toys. Every lesson is an opportunity to grow your child's faith, but some lessons could be unsafe if children are left unattended.  So, please Play on Word with care...  
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